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"Passion is the fuel that drives a career"

Starting out as a Lighting Designer in the UAE in 93/94, I pursued my career initially with the single minded thought that lighting played the major role in show design.
As I worked alongside set-designers - projection specialists & film companies, I began to realize that while my lighting designs were applauded, failure in the other aspects of an event could ruin the experience for a client working with outsourced suppliers of varying standards.
When Lighthouse opened its doors for business in the summer of 2004 as a lighting design company, I began working closely with preferred suppliers on events to correct this and soon realized at the behest of my clients, the need for me to personally move into other areas of production as a creative designer. i.e Set design/Content/Films/Technical etc.
This led to Lighthouse Productions expanding its operations in 2008 from Lighting Design & Equipment Supply into a complete Turnkey Production design company.
Focusing on consistent turnkey delivery of events to all our clients, helped in further expanding our portfolio more diversely, and allowed us to be creative in many different aspects of a show.
Today I am proud to showcase the efforts and amazing work of a team of people who were brought together here at Lighthouse to create complete turnkey projects and offer a level of consistency and diversity in design with the sole purpose of raising and maintaining standards.
Our award winning efforts are well documented on our website through our portfolios & case studies, in the hope that as a client you will be completely satisfied in knowing that at Lighthouse you are in safe hands.

Terry Miranda
 Managing Director & Creative Principal

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